The Storm Cone

AR public art installation

Art direction: Laura Daly

3D assets: Catherine Chapman

Development: Nela Ion, Ignacio Roca, University of Salford


In 2021 I was commissioned to create an architecturally accurate representation of a Victorian wrought iron bandstand, made in collaboration with artist Laura Daly. The design is a combination of hand-chosen elements from the original ironwork catalogs. I processed high-quality scans of the bandstand’s elements in Photoshop to make them white outlines with alpha channels. I then UV mapped them onto the geometry in Blender. We took the model through multiple phases of testing in Unity and in AR on mobile devices to check that the textures were displayed optimally and with the right aesthetic quality.  I added further layers of noise patterns subtracted from the textures to add variation and a cloudlike, ghostly effect.

“This site-specific spatial sound installation traces lost bandstands in England, using geo-locative and immersive technologies. It’s commissioned by Metal for NetPark, the world’s first digital park, and the University of Salford in Manchester for Peel Park.Experienced via GPS mobile devices and headphones, audience movement will trigger and alter the 3D sounds of newly commissioned brass music by Lucy Pankhurst and eight adjacent digital soundworks in and around the sites of lost bandstands. They will be able to navigate through 3D model of a bandstand using the AR technology.”

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